Lead nurturing is essentially the process of sending highly relevant messaging to target sales leads over a set period of time. The main idea behind lead nurturing revolves around the idea that many B2B buying cycles are long and often complicated decisions. By creating a lead nurturing program, companies are better able to provide communications with potential customers while providing more help to the sales team.

Today, I’m going to describe a way to implement a simple, yet effective way to follow-up with leads using a welcome program. To implement this process, you will need some sort of marketing automation or email marketing tool.

First, you need to have some way to encourage leads to sign up for communications. A simple way to do this would be a web form on your corporate website inviting users to sign up for an e-newsletter. Have your web development team send their information to your marketing software, preferably in a separate, unique group.

Second, develop three emails to send to leads based on a specific time period. The first email will be sent immediately following signup. This email should have a branded look and feel, and should personally welcome the lead to the e-newsletter. It may be helpful to include links to previous e-newsletters and contact information. The second email will be sent out three days later, inviting the user to view a previously recorded on-demand webinar. The third email will be sent seven days after, inviting the user to take part in a short satisfaction survey.

Once you have developed your three emails, implement your automated campaign and see your results. You may want to consider adding additional emails or changing the time period for the welcome campaign. Since this may be your first campaign, take it easy to start and make sure to measure the results.