If you are a decent-sized business, your sales team most likely is using a CRM tool like Salesforce. CRM software helps automate a company’s salesforce team and creates a highly efficient workforce. Many people using CRM tools may not be aware that marketing automation software can integrate with CRM.

Integrating marketing automation software with a CRM tool can be a highly efficient way of nurturing sales leads and pushing more highly-qualified leads to your sales team. A great post on computer world recently pointed out ways to improve CRM lead tracking to help aid marketing automation campaigns.

The author noted:

B2B companies, it’s not at all unusual to have at least one outbound e-mail a month to every lead or contact in the system. And hopefully there will be some customer response, such as registering for a Webinar or doing a download. Every single one of these actions or responses is recorded as a separate campaign member “event.” If you’ve got long sales cycles or long-running customer relationships, a contact’s campaign history can grow to 100 records or more. This gives your sales reps tremendous insight into the state of the customer’s knowledge (and hopefully the evolution of their interest/attitude) before they pick up the phone.

I agree whole-heartedly that it’s nearly impossible to stuff a lead into one simple source – over the course of time, a lead may have had many touch-points with your company (e.g. tradeshows, website forms, webinarts, etc.) It’s vitally important to ensure leads pushed into CRM are properly tagged and formated.

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