Developing and implementing a marketing automation strategy requires forethought and insight for companies that have yet to establish a plan. When marketing managers are considering using a demand generation tool, they must consider three things: money, support staff and business operation.


For a medium-sized business, expect to spend about $3,000 a month on a marketing automation tool. This pricing generally does not include installation fees or implementing the software with your existing CRM. This pricing usually includes unlimited email marketing messaging, support and templates.


Since marketing automation is generally a newer marketing practice, few people have experience making it difficult to find a good hire. Whether you are considering an existing employee or hiring a new employee, there are a few key skill sets you should consider when implementing a marketing automation tool:

  • highly organized
  • ability to craft a campaign from initial thought to final output
  • basic HTML skills
  • strong CRM experience
  • experience with best-practice email marketing
  • graphic design experience

Business Operations

Before even implementing a marketing automation tool, it is essential that all parties involved (usually sales, marketing and IT) come to terms about exactly how the new tool will be used. For example, when a customer submits a web form deciding where to send that information.

Working together with sales and IT is an essential, tactical skill that must be considered to have a successful installation.