When choosing to implement a marketing automation program, you have a variety of vendors to choose from. Pricing ranges from $1000 and up depending upon the provider. In general, most marketing automation firms price based on number of contacts. The number of email messages sent per month is usually unlimited.

I have extensive experience using Eloqua, which has a variety of tools to help aid a lead nurturing campaign. Eloqua has pretty steep learning curve, requiring users to have some knowledge of HTML, list management, strong organization skills and ability to work with a bit of ambiguity. Additional vendors include: Silverpop, Marketo, Market2Lead, Genius and Pardot. Each software has small differentiating factors that may be more important for certain types of businesses.

In the end, the best way to figure out what marketing automation software to go with is to take a test drive. Most firms will provide a way to demo their software before you buy.