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So I Have a Marketing Automation System… Now What?

So you decided to invest in marketing automation. What happens next? Marketing automation systems offer a veritable multitude of capabilities, including email marketing, social media tracking, prospect tracking and nurturing, and marketing analytics. Those features open up a world of possibilities for your marketing campaigns, but they can also make the task of getting started seem daunting. Here are five […]

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Marketing Automation Software: Free Versions Available?

As a follow-up to my previous post, I wanted to link to a great post by Jep Castelein at The Lead Sloth blog describing recent news about free versions of marketing automation. Loopfuse and are now offering free versions of their software. Learn more by checking out The Lead Sloth: Will Marketing Automation Be Free? [ via The Lead […]

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Marketing Automation: A Choice of Vendors

When choosing to implement a marketing automation program, you have a variety of vendors to choose from. Pricing ranges from $1000 and up depending upon the provider. In general, most marketing automation firms price based on number of contacts. The number of email messages sent per month is usually unlimited. I have extensive experience using Eloqua, which has a variety […]

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Integrating Marketing Automation Into an Existing Marketing Plan

Developing and implementing a marketing automation strategy requires forethought and insight for companies that have yet to establish a plan. When marketing managers are considering using a demand generation tool, they must consider three things: money, support staff and business operation. Money For a medium-sized business, expect to spend about $3,000 a month on a marketing automation tool. This pricing […]

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Marketing Automation – Email Marketing Best Practices

When developing a successful marketing automation campaign, best-practice email design should be encouraged. Often time, web designers struggle creating HTML emails due to constraints with different browsers. Campaign Monitor has a great article pointing out various HTML and CSS support in all major email clients. Check it out here: For some design inspiration, check out:

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What is Marketing Automation and Why Should Marketer’s Care?

Marketing automation is a relatively new concept to the marketing world. Essentially, marketing automation uses techniques to engage with potential customers using highly targeted, relevant messaging that is triggered by a customer’s actions in a completely automated way. An easier way to think of marketing automation is to follow the footsteps of a customer researching your website: Use Google to […]

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